Pathways to Excellence

Art classes using math

This month, the art classes made string parabolas using math to create decorative window displays for the main office area.  


5th grade PE classes- learning about Tolerance

In Health classes, 5th graders made acrostics using descriptive words to reinforce the concept of tolerance for others. Ms. Stevens then directed students to tape their posters onto their lockers.  


EIS Awards Assembly

EIS would like to invite all parents, guardians, and community members to our first nine weeks awards assembly. Students who earned Principal's List, Principal's Honor Roll, and Honorable Mention for their report card from the first nine weeks will be recognized and receive an award at this assembly. These assemblies will take place on Tuesday, November 24th in the EIS cafeteria. The times for each grade level are as follows: 8:20 AM- 7th Grade, 9:20 AM- 6th Grade, 10:20 AM- 5th Grade, and 2:00 PM- 8th Grade. We hope to see you there!  

8th Grade November News

November has been busy for the eighth graders. First they participated in their Parent Fun Night on Wednesday, November 12th. Students started out by making ice cream using ice and rock salt. It got a little cold and messy, but the end results were delicious. Then author and Essex graduate Ronnie Sidney II read from his book,Nelson Beats the Odds. He gave a brief talk to the students about his hardships through school and how he overcame them. Students and parents were treated to a light dinner of sandwiches and chips served by the Men of Distinction and Ladies of Virtue and Elegance members before they headed off to the book fair.Also this month, they had fun-filled yet humbling field trip to the Holocaust Museum in Richmond. students arrived and were ushered to the genuine synagogue inside of museum. They were were given a guided tour of the museum where students experienced exhibits featuring the Dachau Concentration Camp, Kristallnacht, the Kovno Ghetto in Lithuania and the Nuremberg Trials. Some of the most memorable exhibits were the scale models of a boxcar and concentration camp showers, which showed students just what those who were forced into the camps went through. Throughout the day, the students were totally respectful and asked many great questions. They were all very grateful for the opportunity to go to the museum. 

8th grade


November is Family Involvement Month

If you have a child in the 5th, 6th or 8th grades, chances are you may have come to one of our Parent Involvement events already. However, the Virginia Department of Education has designated November as "Family Involvement Month." For more information on how you can help your child or school click on the following link:

 We look forward to seeing to here at EIS for more of our fun-filled events. 

National Junior Honor Society sponsors Canned Food Drive

The EIS chapter of the National Junior Honor Society will be sponsoring a canned food drive from November 10th through the 24th.Please send any non-perishable canned or boxed food items with your child. These will be picked up in each first period classroom periodically throughout this drive to help feed families during the holiday. THANKS for your support!! 

Volunteers Needed

Would you like to volunteer in our school? We are excited to bring back our student groups, Men of Distinction and Ladies of Virtue and Elegance. Mr. Bragg is the MOD sponsor and Ms. Caracappa is the LOVE sponsor. Both clubs would appreciate community volunteers to help with their activities. If you are interested please call the school at 443-3040 or email either eighth teacher. 

EIS November Newsletter

Click here for the EIS November newsletter. 


6th Grade Parent Involvement Event

The 6th grade at Essex Intermediate School hosted an October Family Fun Night October 21st prior to the school's regularly scheduled Parent Teacher Organization meeting.Students stayed after school with their teachers, had a snack, and worked on their homework or received targeted instruction to meet their learning needs. Students then transitioned to the cafeteria to complete a science experiment in which they predicted how a liquid could also be a solid as they made Dr. Seuss's infamous "Oobleck." They mixed the secret ingredients into Ziploc bags and added food coloring to create spooky slime.As the students finished their concoctions, parents arrived and the festivities began. The Parent Teacher Organization generously provided popcorn and drinks for all the enjoy. The students worked collaboratively with their parents to answer content related bingo questions..." Are you smarter than a 6th grader at EIS?" Families began winning EIS spirit prizes, glowsticks, and pumpkin sponges. According to Mrs. Longest, a sixth grade English teacher, the evening was a complete success as students are anxiously awaiting their next Fun Night. 

6th Grade

6th grade

EIS Celebrates Bullying Prevention Month

EIS is building good character and creating a 'peace'-ful school! During the week of 10/19-10/23, students had an opportunity to participate in the Daily Dilemma. This was a moment for students to reflect on how they would handle certain bully related situations. Scenarios were presented via the morning announcements each morning. Winners were chosen from each grade level, each day. We are so proud of our students for their participation and effort at making EIS a bully free school.  

Bully Prevention

Bully Prevention

8th Grade Book Club

The first meeting was held on 10/12/15, and there were 16 students in attendance. Ms. Caracappa and Mrs. Coates are the sponsors for the club. The fall/winter book club will meet every Monday from 3:45-4:45 until December 21st. We will have another book club in the spring with new books.For the fall/winter book club, students have the option of either reading Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan or Story Thieves by James Riley. During their first meeting, fun was had by all as students selected the books they wanted to read, created a format for future meetings and book discussion, and enjoyed the treats Ms. Caracappa and Mrs. Coates brought. 

Book Club

Book Club Group

Mrs. Magee's 7th Grade Life Science Class

In 7th grade Life Science, the students have been learning the basic unit of structure and function of life, the cell. Students have been using light microscopes to see animal cells; for examples, human blood cells. Also, students have been viewing plant cells; specifically, red, white, and yellow onion skin cells. Students have been able to visibly see the cells' nucleus, cytoplasm, and cell wall. Even though it was a little stinky in the science lab, the students learned how to prepare their own microscope slide with iodine stain and the onion skin. The students thoroughly enjoyed the lab day. 

Science Class

Science Class

Science Class

Science Class


5th Grade Parent Involvement Event

On Wednesday, September 23, the Essex Intermediate School 5th grade teachers, led by Mrs. Tignor, held the first Parent Involvement Event of the school year. In an effort to increase our connection with families and parents this year at EIS, each grade level will be hosting a parent involvement event. During the 5th grade event, the students were able to participate in many exciting activities. First, the students stayed after school and worked on their homework together with their teachers. They then completed a fun Science experiment where they made a hypothesis about how many rubber bands it would take to make a watermelon explode. The 5th grade Science teachers got very messy conducting this experiment, and the students were so excited to see the watermelon explode! The students then met their parents in the gym where they read about the history of Zumba and did a think-pair-share together to discuss what they read. After this, the group participated in a Zumba workout together. The event concluded in the cafeteria with some food and a time for our parents, teachers, and students to talk and get to know each other. We hope to see all of our parents throughout the year at these fun events! 





EIS Community Outreach Meeting 

On Thursday, September 17, a group of parents, community members, and teachers came together to discuss ways to increase the connections between our school, home, and the community. Many wonderful ideas came out of this meeting! Look for more information coming soon through email and our website about how you can become involved and ways we can work together as a team in our quest to support the individual needs of our students.