Pathways to Excellence
Mom, I'm so bored. What can I do?

Parents, does your child ever say those words during the summer? If so, the Math and English teachers at EIS have prepared summer learning packets to help your child stay on top of his or her math and reading skills.

These packets were sent home the last week of school. Ask your child about them! Get involved with these activities during the summer to earn extra credit in the fall. If you need additional packets they will be available at the school.

EIS teachers support EHS seniors

In support of the second annual Declaration Day at EHS on May 1st, the EIS teachers wore their college T-shirts or a T-shirt for a college they support.
EIS Teachers

National Junior Honor Society sponsors Canned Food Drive

During the week of April 27 to May 1, the National Junior Honor Society will be collecting canned goods to support the Northern Neck Food Bank. Please help EIS become a Food Bank Champion by donating any canned or boxed goods.

4 Way Essay Test Winner

Congratulations to Hannah Swann for winning the District 7610 Rotary 4 Way Test Essay Contest. This essay was open to all 7th and 8th grade students. Hannah was recognized at the District Conference in Cambridge, Maryland on March 28th, where she also presented her essay to the attendees. On April 24th Hannah read her award winning essay to the local Rotary club members and was presented with her monetary reward of $1000.00.

SOL Testing Calendar

Please click the following link to view the EIS SOL Testing Calendar.
EIS 2015 Testing Calendar
SOL Parent and Student Guide

Politics in action at EIS

During February and March of 2015 , Seventh grade civics students in Mr. Bragg’s classes have had hands on experience with election campaigning starting with forming political parties, nominating candidates and running election campaigns. The students began their simulation by forming political parties . They were tasked by Mr. Bragg to create a party platform from planks which are separate ideas that help form the overall ideology of the platform. Then they were to name their party as well as have a slogan and mascot for the party.

Three classes (including Mr Thrift’s Civics Classes) voted in the primary to nominate the candidates. The candidates who won were from the Swagalicious Rainbow Flying Panda Party , The Sour Patch Kid Party and The Tiger Party.

The candidates learned about popular vs electoral votes. They began their campaigns by making campaign posters. After that the candidates would go to each class and explain to other students each party’s platform. In some cases candidates would give pamphlets with candy attached to them to help entice voters and others would use emotional speeches.

When it was over the Sour Patch Kid Party (President Sydney Ross and Vice-President Brooke Packett ) won a hotly contested race by receiving 82 of the 164 electoral votes (155 of the popular votes). The next closest vote getter was the Tiger Party (President Alyssa Collins and Vice President LaMonte Roane) with 68 of the electoral college votes (192 of the popular votes) . Third place went to the Swagalicious Rainbow Flying Panda Party with 14 electoral college votes (56 of the popular votes). The lesson also helped the students understand that the president and vice president are not elected by popular vote but by strategically campaigning to win the electoral college vote.

The victors are now starting to work on opening an SCA chapter for EIS . Government in action.

EIS Book Club

Nineteen fifth and sixth grade students signed up for the EIS book club. Students are meeting twice a month to discuss books and promote reading at EIS. Currently, students are developing slideshows as a response to our most recent book, i Totally Funniest. These will be displayed during the fifth and sixth grade lunches in May.

Advisors: Ms. Sydnor and Mrs. Grichtmeier

Participating Students: Arianna Massey-Valetta, Dalyn Taylor, Nakhia Garnett, Amiree Lewis-Toulson, Aaliyah Roane, Cassie Adams, Shaneyra Smith, Zariah Smith, Bryanne Roane, Chynia Harris, Gracie Byrd, Jaclyn Suggs, Jaime Beazley, Alexis Barrett, Gracie Sandy, Madison Taylor

EIS Awards Ceremony

In order to honor EIS student achievement, the school held an awards ceremony on March 4, 2015. In two separate sessions, one for fifth and sixth graders and the other for seventh and eighth graders, over 250 students received recognition for Principal's List, Honor Roll, and perfect attendance. The students in the National Junior Honor Society helped with the ceremonies by greeting guests, setting up chairs, and serving refreshments. We want to thank the many parents and other family members who were to attend.

EIS Newsletter

Our March 2015 issue of the EIS newspaper is ready!  CLICK HERE  

Woodmen of the World

If you needed an American Flag, where could you go to get one? Patrick DiSpirito, principal of Essex Intermediate School, asked this very question as the school's present flag was in need of replacement.

Enter the organization, Woodmen of the World. Or more specifically, Chapter 442 of Woodmen of the World located in West Point. On January 9, 2015, Nancy Hazzard, from the organization presented Mr. DiSpirito and a seventh grade student, Leighton Pitts, studying Civics with several flags and a classroom set of "American Patriot's" handbooks for the students.

According to their website, Woodmen of the World is one of the largest distributors of U.S. flags. They have donated more than 2 million American flags and presented them to worthy non-profit and community organizations.

The new flags will be proudly displayed at the front entrance of EIS and in the Civics classroom.

National Junior Honor Society

Nineteen 7th and 8th grade students were inducted into the Essex Intermediate School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. According to the sponsor, Marcy Tignor, this year's applicants were very strong in several of the pillars associated with this organization. To be considered a candidate - a student has to have a 3.0 GPA during their 6th or 7th grade school year. The other four standards include the following:
Leadership  *  Service  *  Character  *  Citizenship